Non-Profit Outsourced Accounting


Accounts Payable Outsourcing

Transform Your Accounts Payable Processes

womanshands.jpgCompanies today are continually being challenged to reduce costs, increase value from expenditures, and comply with various regulatory requirements. Fontana Consulting PLLC's innovative and flexible Accounts Payable Outsourcing provides customers with the ability to transform their accounts payable processes resulting in:

  1. lower processing costs; 
  2. expert oversight;
  3. improved controls; 
  4. higher service levels; 
  5. Improved audit trails and; 
  6. higher business intelligence. 

These services have been developed by Fontana Consulting PLLC's based on its extensive process experience and deep understanding of customers needs within the non-profit sector. Fontana Consulting PLLC provides customers with accounts payable services which are quick to implement, dependable, flexible and cost efficient.  We work with non-profit clients throughout Florida including Tampa, St. Petersburg, Orlando, Clearwater, Jacksonville, and Miami.

Our accounts payable services aid in our customers' success by:

Fontana Consulting PLLC's Accounts Payable Service is an implementation and delivery service which can be setup with 48 hour turn times which meet customer’s requirements. Third party payment management services can be integrated to complete the payment process by ACH, wire or check. 

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