Non-Profit Outsourced Accounting


Why Outsource?

We Specialize in the Needs of Non-Profits

1. Focus on Mission.

Outsourcing non-core, transactional functions enables the management team to focus on the mission of the entity and achieve its programmatic objectives.

2. Expertise.

Several experts in the accounting and non-profit arena collaborate within Fontana Consulting PLLC to deliver solid financial information to enable a sound decision-making process.

3. Less turnover.

The average length of stay for a CFO/Controller is three years. Due to several engagement team members at Fontana Consulting PLLC working on the engagement, turnover is not an issue.

4. Inducing change.

When outsourcing is embraced by an entity, the change encourages employees to think differently and be efficient.

5. Cost.

In most instances, CFO outsourcing is cost effective when compared to all costs involved in paying and housing employees.

6. Undisputed competency.

In our 11 years of providing CFO outsourcing services, we have had no significant audit adjustments and no management letter comments from the external, independent financial statements audit.

7. Cash flow.

We bill for our services at the end of the month while employees are paid during the month.

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